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In order to finish the installation process the installing user needs to have administrative rights.
These are required since there are services and firewall rules that need to be installed.

In order to create the Active Directory user the creating user needs to be a member of the "Account Operator" group.

The used versions of ClamAV and SpamAssassin are not updated manually, but with our software updates.

The Exchange Server Toolbox Service User needs to be a member of the following Active Directory groups:

Domain Admins
Domain Users 

The user can be created automatiaclly with all needed permissions during the installation. If you want to use a manually created user you need to add it to the groups mentioned above.

The Exchange Server Toolbox uses the following .dll files to display TNEF mail content:

  • Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Common.dll
  • Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Transport.dll

It looks for these files in either [ExchangeInstallationFolder]\Public or the Exchange Server Toolbox installation folder.

In order to exclude specific file types from the "Delete Attachments" action you can add the following Regex expression to the action:


With this expression only PDF and RTF files would not be deleted.
You can switch the "pdf" and the "rtf" with any file type you want to exclude.
To add more types (for example docx) simply add a |docx.
To only exclude a single extension you can remove everything from the brackets but one file type.