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You can achieve this by restarting the service with the Service toolbar (at the top of the SmartPOP2Exchange window).

We do not support this setup, because a POP3 is not designed to hold large amounts of mail messages and can get extremely slow. However, you can use the rules engine of SmartPOP2Exchange to send a copy of every incoming message to any email address you want; so you can create a "backup" Exchange account and store your messages there. For leaving mail messages on server the IMAP protocol should be used. IMAP is also supported by SmartPOP2Exchange.

Please be sure that your AV software is configured correctly. (see Antivirus overview)

Because SmartPOP2Exchange uses the "on access" function of virus scanners, any antivirus software offering this feature can be used. You just have to figure out which settings of your virus software apply. For further information, please have a look at the chapter antivirus overview.

The "engines" of ClamAV and SpamAssassin are updated with SmartPOP2Exchange updates.
The integrated ClamAV automatically updates its virus signatures several times a day from official sources independent from our product updates.