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What means: info: rules: meta test __SOME_TEST_NAME has dependency YET_ANOTHER_TEST with a zero score?

Question / Problem

When starting SpamAssassin I get the following notification:
 info: rules: meta test __SOME_TEST_NAME has dependency 'YET_ANOTHER_TEST' with a zero score

What is it trying to tell me?

Answer / Solution

This happens if SpamAssassin finds rules with a score of zero. Tests with such a score a generally used in third party rule sets.
They check for a specific spam or ham sign but do not actually assign a score to leave it to the SpamAssassin admin if they want to use it or not to optimize their spam detection.
The message can be avoided by assigning a score to the related test or by removing the channel which belongs the particular rule from the sa-update call.
To assign a score, open 'local.cf' in the configuration directory (<%SACONFIGPATH%>) and add the line following line:

  • score YET_ANOTHER_TEST 0.0001