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This error is no error of SmartPOP2Exchange. This is an error reported by the pop3 server when SmartPOP2Exchange tries to login. Please contact your pop3 server provider about this error. If you try to login using telnet or any other pop3 client application you should get the same error.

You may update the dlls and exe files (C:\Programs\Common Files\JAM Software\ClamAV) of ClamAV yourself by getting them from theClamWin (https://www.clamwin.com/ )project. But we do not give any support for this. It may cause no virus to be detected or any mail/file be detected as virus. We once had thins situation when ClamWin changed some interfaces which did not result in error, just in such a strange behavior.
Hint: The virus signature files used by ClamAV are located in:
    C:\Documentsand Settings\All Users\Application Data\JAM Software\ClamAV
and are updated automatically at least every 3 hours.

SmartPOP2Exchange works with any SMTP server. There are no Exchange Server specific or ExchangeServer version specific settings you can do in SmartPOP2Exchange.The only thing you need to take care about is to configure your SMTP / Exchange Serverin in a way that it accepts mails via SMTP like it would receive your mail directly from the internet. You can find a short startup for configuring your Exchange Server in the help of SmartPOP2Exchange.

The integrated SpamAssassin automatically uses RBL 's.You can see this by having a look at the mail header of a spam mail scanned for spam:
* 0.9 RCVD_IN_PBL RBL: Received via a relay in Spamhaus PBL
* -2.0 AWL AWL: From: address is inthe auto white-list

When using the "Send copy to [...]" rule you simply can disable the option "Sent copy to SMTP accounts e-mail". Then the mail will be redirected (not copied) to the specifies mail address and the original recipient will not receive it.

The error message means that SmartPOP2Exchange is not able to zip the backup mails ofone day because there is a mail file which can 't be added to the zip. This may be caused of a process locking the file or the filename contains characterswhich are not allowed in a zip file.To solve this problem rename that folder (e.g.: 2008-10-29 --> 2008-10-29NoZip). It should be the oldest not jet zipped folder.

This error message is reported by the Exchange Server to SmartPOP2Exchange when SmartPOP2Exchange tries to sent the mail to the Exchange Server.The Exchange Server 2007 needs much resources (like 2GB RAM etc.) especially if you haven 't installed the SP1 the ExchangeServer 2007 requires 4GB free disk space:See https://exchangepedia.com/blog/2008/02/exchange-server-2007-sp1-most-obscure.html

No. SmartPOP2Exchange is designed to forward mails from POP3/IMAP accounts to any SMTP/Exchange Server. As SmartPOP2Exchange does use the SMTP protocol for this it does not have direct access to the SMTP/Exchange Server. - It 's unidirectional.

There is no special order required.
Simply export your data (account name, SMTP address[recipient], pop3/imap server, pop3/imapusername, pop3/imap password, imap mailbox) and start the import wizard of SmartPOP2Exchange.
The wizard will open your file and then you can assign the columns to the appropriate value.

The service of SmartPOP2Exchange (SmartPOP2SMTP.exe) needs about 20-50MB memory depending on how much messages are processed and how big they are. But if you use the integrated ClamAV it needs about 120 MB minimum additionally. So theservice of SmartPOP2Exchange may take up to 200-300 MB memory.
You may run SmartPOP2Exchange on a different machine.

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