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You have several possibilities to analyse this:

1. If you have previously exported a scan with TreeSize into an XML file, you can use this for comparison. To do this, use the function "Compare with saved scan" on the ribbon bar "Scan" after a scan of the drive. It is possible to automatize the creation of the XML files.

2. If shadow copies are activated on the drive, you can also use them for a comparison. To do this, use "Compare with Snapshot" on the "Scan" ribbon bar.

3. If you have an older backup of the drive and it is accessible via a path, you can make a comparison via "Compare with path".

4. Switch on the option "Only files with creation date within the last X days" under "Tools > Settings > Scan > Filter" and examine the drive. Only corresponding files are taken into account when determining the folder size.

5. If this method is not successful, existing files have probably increased in size. It is best to use the TreeSize file search to find files that exceed a certain size and have been changed recently.

Yes, a dark mode has been introduced with TreeSize v8.1 (this feature requires Windows 10 build 1809 or later).

Starting TreeSize with the command line paramter /SCAN followed by the path of a text file will scan all path in the scan.

You may consider grouping together all those files in a single root node using "View > Group Scans". The same can be achieved by passing the command line paramter /GROUPSCANS

If you have problems accessing SharePoint via TreeSize please check the following points:

  1. Did you complete the app registration with the required API permissions?
  2. Does your user have the permission to search the requested page? (Please note that the role "SharePoint admin" does not automatically have the permission to search all pages)
  3. Has your user been assigned a valid Office 365 license?
  4. Make sure that you have entered a valid path. Does the path point to a page or a document library?

For instructions on how to register the app and an overview of the required permissions, see "Azure AD Registration" in the TreeSize manual.

To get technical support for our product your maintenance period must be valid. Customers that are covered by maintenance are able to download all updates for free.  If there is a support case, we will typically ask our customers to install the latest version, as this may already fix the issue. If the latest version cannot be used for comprehensible reasons, we will also provide support for previous versions, but those will not receive any more updates.


You can look up the end of your support period in our customer area. There you can also renew it for a reduced price and will then get technical support and updates again.