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You can configure the charts and lists that are exported along with the report at: Tools > Options > Export

Click the type of export you intend to do and uncheck all unwanted elements on the right.

For a file content search, the application uses the file handlers that are registered in Windows. The same technology is used by Windows Explorer, for instance (you could reproduce this issue in Windows Explorer as well). It is a known issue with Windows' preinstalled PDF file handler in combination with certain PDF files.

What you can do as a workaround is to install a different, third party file handler for PDF files, such as the one from Adobe.

In most cases, the reason for this is that Windows is not reporting the amount of hardlinks correctly.

In order to filter out files that were already deduplicated, TreeSize will ignore files that have more than one hard link. For files that are accessed via a network drive, however, there are cases where the amount of hard links is not returned correctly by the operating system, as stated in this article: https://knowledgebase.jam-software.com/7092

On the ribbon "Help" click "Change installation key" and enter the new key. A restart of the application is necessary.

Since v8.1 there are two options to provide a default configuration:

  1. (Applies to all versions) Deploy a prepared TreeSize config file to "%AppData%\JAM Software\TreeSize\GlobalOptions.xml" of the user. If the user resets his copy of the options, the factory defaults will apply again.

    You can simply take it from any user's profile or use "Tools > Options > Export" in TreeSize to create such a file.
  2. (Available since v8.1) Deploy default configurations via the Windows Registry. You can configure and deploy them easily using administrative templates for the Group Policy Editor.
    More information and download options are available in the online manual.
    These settings will automatically take effect if the user starts TreeSize without having an options file already, or when resetting the options to default.

You may use our MSI installer to deploy the software to all users.