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How does TreeSize interact with a server that uses Azure File Sync

Question / Problem

I'm running a file server that uses Azure File Sync to keep hot files available only, and download other files on demand. Does scanning the server with TreeSize interfere with this approach?

Answer / Solution

The implementation of Azure File Sync is meant to be completely transparent for the end-user. Accessing a file usually looks exactly the same with or without Azure File Sync.

TreeSize should be able to scan the server, as usual.

TreeSize will try to work on the metadata of the files/folders, whenever possible. Accessing these metadata will usually not trigger any download in Azure File Sync.

TreeSize will also respect offline files (stubs) and try avoid to trigger a download. This requires the files to be marked with the offline attribute though, which depends on the actual implementation of the scanned system.

If you are in doubt about using TreeSize for your specific configuration, we would recommend to try it on a smaller folder first.