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For V8 you need a new installation key, you will receive this key after a login in our customer area.

The easiest way to install the update is to use the integrated update function: Click the "Check for Updates" button in the "Help" ribbon bar.

Although we always had to pay high fees for cashing checks to our bank, we still accepted them as a gesture of goodwill for invoice amounts greater than 100USD. However, our bank is not accepting checks anymore since March 2020, so we had to stop offering this payment method completely.

You may process your payments by wire transfer, credit card or PayPal instead.

VISA, MasterCard and American Express implemented the new Payment Security Directive (PSD2). The new security requirements are mandatory to provide the utmost safety for the payments of our customers and prevent credit card fraud. But the automated request is solely initialized by the card-issuing institute (your bank).

So, if you encounter these errors during the payment or you do not know how to retrieve your code for the authentication of the payment, please contact your bank. Unfortunately but for good reasons we have no influence on that.

A Consultant License, which we currently offer for our software TreeSize Professional, is a so-called Named User License. The license is assigned to one person in the licensee's company. This has the surplus value for the named user that he may install the software one after the other on any number of machines in your own company or at different customers, for the period of use. This makes license management less complex.

Especially IT-Admins or technicians who work on a variety of different systems can benefit from this licensing option.

You may find further information about the licensing in our license agreement at:


To get technical support for our product your maintenance period must be valid. Customers that are covered by maintenance are able to download all updates for free.  If there is a support case, we will typically ask our customers to install the latest version, as this may already fix the issue. If the latest version cannot be used for comprehensible reasons, we will also provide support for previous versions, but those will not receive any more updates.


You can look up the end of your support period in our customer area. There you can also renew it for a reduced price and will then get technical support and updates again.

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