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Where can I download my software?

Log in to the "Customers Area", using your login name and password.
Please follow the link "Downloads / Updates" in the left hand menu named "Customers Area".
There you can download your software immediately after finishing your order.

Where can I enter the license key?

You cannot unlock the full version in the trial version by entering your license key. The key can only be entered in the full version. In order to install the full version you need to install it over the existing trial version. All settings and content will be retained.

Where can I find my installation key?

Log in to the "Customers Area", using your login name and password.
Please follow the link "Downloads / Updates" in the left hand menu named "Customers Area".

You will find the installation key which is needed during the installation process in the respective part for the registered software.
The installation key for the software is different from your password for our customer area.

Why is my installation key invalid?

Please check whether you are using the current key. You will find your key in the customer area

If your current key is marked as invalid, one of the following reasons might apply:

1. We have deactivated the key to prevent misusage. Please contact us to receive a new key.

2. If you buy a maintenance renewal for license packages containing more than three licenses from 01 Oct 2013 on, only one key (valid for all licenses) will be generated. Old keys are no longer valid. Please refer to your license document (online or in the PDF you received) for your new installation key.

How can I upgrade my software to a different version?

To upgrade from a smaller to a larger version of your software, please contact our Sales Team. They will be happy to help!

Do you have a published maintenance agreement?

By default customers get at least 12 months of maintenance when purchasing one of our products. Maintenance means: Free updates and free support. It is also possible to buy our products with 24, 36 or 60 months of maintenance.

How can I complete the payment with PayPal?

Once you are in your PayPal account and confirmed the payment, you will be automatically redirected to the shopping cart of our online shop. Here you would have to click on "Pay now" (please see at the bottom of the page) in order to finish the payment progress.

Will shipping rates be added to my order?

Most software you buy at JAM Software will be provided for download. We will only send you a hard copy of your software if you order it specifically.

If you want to receive a copy of your software on a storage medium (usually USB stick) or order any hardware, additional costs for shipping and handling will be incurred (see price list).

The Microsoft SQL Server must be sold on a storage medium. If you order a Microsoft SQL Server, our standard shipping rates will apply.

How can I order the software on a storage medium (USB stick)?

Close to the end of the ordering process (after entering your personal information) you can order a hard copy of the software in addition to the download option in our customer area.

Please note: Additional costs for shipping will apply. Please consult the price lists for additional information regarding shipping charges.

You can download your software directly once the purchasing process is complete, even if you ordered a hard copy.

In which languages is the software/website available?

Our software products and our website are available in English and German. Please select the software language during installation. There are two exceptions: SEPA-Transfer (only in German) and ShellBrowser Components (only in English). To change the language of the website, please select your language in the upper-right corner.

How can I find an end customer's licenses?

Log in to the "Customers Area", using your password and login name.
Please follow the link "End Customers" in the left hand menu named "Customers Area".
Here you'll find a complete list of your end customers. Please click on the disc symbol in the column "Edit".
Here you can see a list of all licenses for the selected end customer.

How can I print my invoice?

Log in to the "Customers Area", using your login name and password.
Please follow the link "Your Orders" in the left hand menu named "Customers Area".
Here you'll find a list of your orders. Click on the invoice number in the column of the same name to print it out.