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Due to maintenance there may be occasional timeouts.

Please try to pay again later or use alternative payment methods such as PayPal or on account (wire transfer).

In case of persistent problems with your credit card payment, please contact your bank.

For V8 you need a new license key, you will receive this key after a login in our customer area.

The easiest way to install the update is to use the integrated update function: Click the "Check for Updates" button in the "Help" ribbon bar.

Although we always had to pay high fees for cashing checks to our bank, we still accepted them as a gesture of goodwill for invoice amounts greater than 100USD. However, our bank is not accepting checks anymore since March 2020, so we had to stop offering this payment method completely.

You may process your payments by wire transfer, credit card or PayPal instead.

To upgrade, please contact our customer support directly and before purchasing an additional license. That way we can credit the Personal License and send you a quote for the difference in price. If you buy the Professional without contacting us, we cannot provide a refund (for business customers).

Please use the European Commission portal at https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=en to check your valid inner-European VAT ID number.

VAT IDs from the UK can be checked at https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-vat-number.

Initially, we offer resellers a 5% discount on our list prices, which can be found at the following address:

You can be registered as a reseller and place orders by credit card, PayPal or on account with payment terms of NET30.

New licenses: You may simply login to your reseller account on our  website and go to your reseller "Price List" in the right hand menu. Choose the software your customer is interested in via the shopping cart and add additional licenses as needed.

Afterwards, you may click on "Create Quote" in the shopping cart. In the next steps, you may either select or create a new end customer account and download the official quote as a PDF document. Our quotes are valid for 30 days.

Maintenance renewals: Offers for maintenance renewals of your existing customers can be found under "End Customers/Updates" -> "Downloads/Updates". There you can set up quotes via the shopping cart as described above.

If the renewal would be your first purchase for that specific customer, please request a quote from us at sales@jam-software.com, stating the appropriate license number and customer.

We used to offer price reduced license packs (e.g. TreeSize Professional - 5 license pack). However as opposed to single licenses, these are site restricted (usage only allowed within one city).

Due to a restructuring of our licenses and a new price scale for single licenses, this type of license has now become obsolete and we are converting existing packages to single licenses which has the advantages of transparent prices, more flexible handling of the individual licenses (whith the same number of keys) and removal of the site restrictions of the packages.

If you want to become a new reseller of our software, please send us your request including your company details, e.g. via our contact form.

We will set up a reseller account for your company manually in our system. Future quote requests or orders can be processed directly online via your reseller account.

Please always provide the end customer details for the correct licensing of our software. End customers have their own customer accounts where they may download the purchased software.

We accept payments by credit card, PayPal or wire transfer.

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