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Reseller Quote

Question / Problem

How can I set up quotes as a reseller for my customers?

Answer / Solution

New licenses: You may simply login to your reseller account on our  website and go to your reseller "Price List" in the right hand menu. Choose the software your customer is interested in via the shopping cart and add additional licenses as needed.

Afterwards, you may click on "Create Quote" in the shopping cart. In the next steps, you may either select or create a new end customer account and download the official quote as a PDF document. Our quotes are valid for 30 days.

Maintenance renewals: Offers for maintenance renewals of your existing customers can be found under "End Customers/Updates" -> "Downloads/Updates". There you can set up quotes via the shopping cart as described above.

If the renewal would be your first purchase for that specific customer, please request a quote from us at sales@jam-software.com, stating the appropriate license number and customer.