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IIS-Manager (Internet Information Services) is a graphical interface for configuring your application pools or your Web, FTP, SMTP, or NNTP sites. There are multiple ways to start the IIS-Manager:

  1. From the Start menu, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  2. Navigate to the path C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools\ and execute the shortcut IIS Manager.lnk
  3. From the Start menu, click Run. In the Open box, type inetmgr, and click OK.

All of our products are being developed in Delphi or C#. Although we use Log4Net with some of the components, they are safe to use, because the reported vulnerability applies to Log4J only.

None of our applications depend on Log4J or any other Java library and are thus not affected by this vulnerability.

This applies to all versions and editions of our applications (TreeSize, SpaceObServer, SpaceObServer WebAccess, HeavyLoad, SmartPOP2Exchange, Exchange Server Toolbox, SpamAssassin in a Box, SpamAssassin for Windows, SmartCallMonitor, SEPA-Transfer, ServerSentinel, and ShellBrowser). It is recommended to always use the latest available versions though to benefit from the latest patches, improvements, and features.

  1. Login with a Windows account which is member of the Web Access´s admin role.
  2. Start the SpaceObServer Web Access admin page in the browser.
  3. You can type http://yourhostname/admin in your browser or use the link 'Administration' on the top right.
  4. In the admin backend select the tab 'Debug Logs' and press the button 'Enable'.
  5. Use the menu entry 'Application' on the top right to go to the main application.
  6. Now execute the steps that causes a problem and you want to log.
  7. When you are finished, then please use the entry 'Administration' on the top right to go back to the administration page.
  8. Select the tab 'Debug Logs' and press the button 'Disable'.
  9. After that, please enter your email address and press 'Send File' to send the debug log files to our support.

The logged in user needs to have read access to the Active Directory Domain.

  1. Go to the Domain Controller and start the tool 'Active Directory Users and Computers'.
  2. Navigate through the tree to the user and open the context menu .over the user > select properties.
  3. Go to tab 'Memberof'.
  4. When user is Domain-User, then the user has access to the active directory by default.

Check if user is member of security group 'domain-user' via cmd:

> gpresult /user username /r

In the tab 'History' there is the configuration 'Show size changes in tree'. When this configuration is enabled, then the size growth will be displayed instead the size. The size growth is often 0. Deactivate the configuration 'Show size changes in tree' to show the size again.

When a user logs in the SpaceObServer Web Access, a license slot is used up. When this happens, the license cannot be removed from the user except in certain circumstances: One, the user has been removed from the Active Directory. Two, the user has not used the SpaceObServer Web Access for the last 30 days. Is one of these exceptions fulfilled, then the user can be deleted in the administrator backend in the tab 'Licenses'. After deletion, the license can be used by another user.

The differences between the Web Access and the Remote Client are described in our online help in the topic Overview.

Please add your custom URL to the Site Bindings via the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

First, in the administrator backend choose the tab 'Roles'. Select a role which you want to apply the configuration and enable the permission, that ignores the ACL-filter. After a re-login in SpaceObServer Web Access the files will be visible in the tree. For more information refer to the topic Permissions. Second, in the tabs 'Extensions' or 'Users' the filter has been enabled. You can disable the filter via a button.

In the SpaceObServer you can configure the access to the scans for the Web Access. In the SpaceObServer open the 'Scan Configuration'. Select a scan and select the ribbon 'Expert Options'. In the field 'User Access' type permitted users or groups and apply the settings via the button 'Apply'. The changes will be applied after a re-login in the Web Access. For more information refer to the online help, topic Permissions.

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