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You can access the administrator backend either by entering the URL directly with the URL path http://hostname/admin or from the Start menu on the installed machine.

Information on this topic can be found in our online help under the item Permissions.

You can purchase the Software via our online shop. You can find out the price in the SpaceObServer box.

No. You can install SpaceObServer Web Access on a separate machine. You only need to connect SpaceObServer Web Access to the database where SpaceObServer stores the scans.

  • Too many columns are activated. Please do only select the columns you need.
  • Expensive columns block other processes. Please deactivate expensive columns that you do not necessarily need:
    • Growth
    • % Growth
    • Growth last Week
    • Growth last Month
  • Spaceobserver is currently Scanning. Please wait till the scan is completed.
  • You are logged in with an local user account. Please login with an user account from your Active Directory.

You can increase the ajax timeout by an configuration file. Please follow these steps:

  1. Please start the IIS-Manager (inetmgr) and stop the site 'SpaceObServer Web Access'.
  2. Please open the file 'C:\ProgramData\Jam Software\SpaceObServer Web Access\WebAccess.config'.
  3. Please change the value 50000 (50 seconds) inside the element <AjaxTimeout> to increase the timeout.
  4. Start the site 'SpaceObServer Web Access' via the IIS-Manager.

We have no online help to configure https. But you can use the official Microsoft documentation: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/324069/how-to-set-up-an-https-service-in-iis

Some database providers may not be installed on a device.

Please visit the following Microsoft page to download the SQL Server Native Client: Download Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Native Client - Latest Servicing Release from Official Microsoft Download Center

Please run the downloaded installer and try to connect to the database again.

During your maintenance period, they are located at Downloads -> Older versions in the customer area, if you are logged in to your customer account.

You should be able to find the installation files and keys of the two last major versions there.

None of our applications depend on Java Spring or any other Java library and are thus not affected by this vulnerability.

All of our products are being developed in Delphi or C#. Although we use Spring4D(elphi) with some of the components, they are safe to use, because the reported vulnerability applies to Java Spring framework only.

This applies to all versions and editions of our applications (TreeSize, SpaceObServer, SpaceObServer WebAccess, HeavyLoad, SmartPOP2Exchange, Exchange Server Toolbox, SpamAssassin in a Box, SpamAssassin for Windows, SmartCallMonitor, SEPA-Transfer, ServerSentinel, and ShellBrowser). It is recommended to always use the latest available versions though to benefit from the latest patches, improvements, and features.

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