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  • Too many columns are activated. Please do only select the columns you need.
  • Expensive columns block other processes. Please deactivate expensive columns that you do not necessarily need:
    • Growth
    • % Growth
    • Growth last Week
    • Growth last Month
  • Spaceobserver is currently Scanning. Please wait till the scan is completed.
  • You are logged in with an local user account. Please login with an user account from your Active Directory.

You can increase the ajax timeout by an configuration file. Please follow these steps:

  1. Please start the IIS-Manager (inetmgr) and stop the site 'SpaceObServer Web Access'.
  2. Please open the file 'C:\ProgramData\Jam Software\SpaceObServer Web Access\WebAccess.config'.
  3. Please change the value 50000 (50 seconds) inside the element <AjaxTimeout> to increase the timeout.
  4. Start the site 'SpaceObServer Web Access' via the IIS-Manager.

In the tab 'History' there is the configuration 'Show size changes in tree'. When this configuration is enabled, then the size growth will be displayed instead the size. The size growth is often 0. Deactivate the configuration 'Show size changes in tree' to show the size again.

When a user logs in the SpaceObServer Web Access, a license slot is used up. When this happens, the license cannot be removed from the user except in certain circumstances: One, the user has been removed from the Active Directory. Two, the user has not used the SpaceObServer Web Access for the last 30 days. Is one of these exceptions fulfilled, then the user can be deleted in the administrator backend in the tab 'Licenses'. After deletion, the license can be used by another user.

No. You can Install the SpaceObServer Web Access on a separate machine. You only need to connect the SpaceObServer Web Access to the Database where the SpaceObServer stores the scans.

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