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Please open your "Control Panel" and select "Printers". Now right click on your Brother printer and select "Properties". In the Properties dialog click on "Advanced". Here you will find a selection for the print processor (modprint, brprint, winprint). Please choose "winprint" and try to print again.

The OLE Automation interface is only supported by the SpaceObServer Enterprise Edition. Please ensure that this version is installed on the system on which the script is executed. Please also ensure that the syntax of the script is correct. Examples are given in the subdirectory "Demos" of your SpaceObServer installation folder and in the chapter OLE Automation.

SpaceObServer calculates most of the information to export out of the saved data of the database. Some of the information is not stored in the database, but queried from the file system 'as needed'. This could cause slow exports. Some of the information is not cached in the database, but has to be calculated using SQL statements which could be quite complex and costly. These columns are listed in the section 'Available Columns'. To improve the speed of your export you should exclude the information which are not necessarily needed.

In the options, you can select the desired columns for each export format, as well as for the printed report and for sending by e-mail. There you will also find other useful export options for determining the formatting or the elements to be exported.

Yes. The results of the file search are displayed directly in the directory tree in SpaceObServer. By default, the details list displays only those files that are directly located in the selected directory. However, you can check the 'Show details flat' option on the 'Details' tab to display all files at any depth in the 'Details'. This gives you a complete list of results for an enabled file search.