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If you want to use the SQL server database for data storage, your computer has to be connected to a server, where a SQL Server database is running, or a SQL server database is running on your local machine. Also, you need a valid account (username and password) for the database access. Please note that we offer SpaceObServer in combination with "Microsoft SQL Server Standard, incl. 1 CAL, Runtime License" for a very reasonable price. There are several free Express Editions of popular SQL servers that are supported by SpaceObServer (MS SQL Server Express, Oracle XE,...). You can download a Microsoft SQL Server Express for free, from within the "Database" tab of the Options dialog. Anyway, these Express Editions are limited in some values (max. database size, number of CPUs/cores, used RAM) so we recomend using a "real" MS SQL server at least the Standard Edition.

Please take a look at our online manual. There are several tips and known pitfalls listed, related to Oracle databases.

The default user for Firebird is "SYSDBA". The password is "masterkey".

Please take a look at the Firebird homepage for a possible solution.

Yes. In the "Configure Scans" dialog, the number of days to be archived can be set on the "Additional Option" tab. If you decrease this value, the database space required for the scans whose first scan is before the set interval will be reduced. By default this value is set to 356 days. Please note that reducing the archiving period will also reduce the selectable interval in the "History".