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Question / Problem

Are there any size limits for the database?

Answer / Solution

When using a common sql server database there is no size limitation by default. Howerver, most comercial sql server database systems offer a free "Express" version of there sql server which are mostly limited in:

  • The maximum database size (MS SQL Server 2019 Express database is limited to 10 GB, without Transaction log files)
  • The number of used CPU cores / sockets (MS SQL Server 2019 Express: 1 socket or 4 cores)
  • The maximum used cache / memory (MS SQL Server 2019 Express: 1.4 GB RAM)

If you are planning to scan large amounts of disk space with SpaceObServer, you should always prefer using a real sql server database.
Please note that we offer SpaceObServer in a bundle with "Microsoft SQL Server Standard, incl. 1 CAL, Runtime License (perpetual license)".
Please find more information in our price list.