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The SpaceObServer Add-on SpaceObServer Web Access can access scan results via your internet browser and provides only reporting functionality. You can also do this by using the SpaceObServer Remote Client, which is a separate product. Just create a user profile on your SQL server without write access to the SpaceObServer database. Ensure that the connection of the SpaceObServer Remote Client uses this user profile. The Remote Client will be able to create reports for any scanned shares of the database, but will not be able to schedule scans. All database manipulating features of the user interface will be deactivated. Many of our customers are already providing the data collected by SpaceObServer to their users this way.

The demo version of the SpaceObServer Remote Client is included in the "normal" SpaceObServer demo version. To install the client, please select "Install SpaceObServer Client only" during the installation.

Beside of a simple deletion of redundant duplicate files SpaceObServer offers the possibility to deduplicate chosen files. This will recover the disk space allocated by your duplicate files but leave links to the files content in your file system.
Note: Before deleting or deduplicating any duplicate files you should ensure that the listed files are really redundant and not used, e.g. as part of a backup.

By default the "Duplicate Files" list shows all files with same name, size and last change date. You can optionally use MD5 checksums to detect files with equal content. In this case you have to activate the option "Calculate MD5 checksums for files" (See "Configure Scans"), which results in slightly higher allocated database space and some increased performance usage of the "SpaceObServer Service".You can customize the combination of these criteria used for identifying duplicates in the options. Use the function "Compare Files Byte by Byte" from the context menu of this list to check the content of the selected files byte by byte.

The scan service "SpaceObServer Service" causes very little load on the server. Most of the work is done by the database server. So you should move the database to another server to avoid overloading your production server.