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Question / Problem

I would like to use SpaceObServer with a MS SQL Server database. How can I create a user account with sufficient access permissions on my database?

Answer / Solution

Open the "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio" and create a new login at "Security > Logins" (right click > "New Login"). You can now decide to choose "SQL Server Authentication" (recommended) or "Windows Authentication" on the page "General" of the shown dialog:

1. "SQL Server Authentication": Enter a new "Login name" and a secure "Password" for the new account. Also deactivate the option "Enforce password expiration".
2. "Windows Authentication": Enter an existing user account from your "Active Directory" as "Login name". You can use the button "Search" beside the edit field.
In both cases: Choose your SpaceObServer Database as "Default database". On the page "User Mapping": Check-mark the SpaceObServer database and add the database role "db_owner".
Note: To allow the access via "SQL Server Authentication" you need to choose "SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode" as "Server authentication" on the "Security" page of your SQL Server properties (right click on the SQL server > "Properties").