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Yes, SmartPOP2Exchange logs the message ID of successful delivered mails. So if you like mails to be delivered again you need to use the button "Reset history of successful delivered mails". But take care: all mails will be downloaded again depending on the setting "Download messages marked as 'read '".

When SmartPOP2Exchange needs more time than the interval allows that account will be directly process next turn again.
Youalso enter the max. messages to be downloaded from one account duringone turn. If three are more messages on to be downloaded as this max.value SmartPOP2Exchange will half the interval of this account for the next turn.
The download of mails SmartPOP2Exchange does is not parallel. So there will be not duplicate downloading of mails.
There are 3 accounts:
- Max messages: 10
1. account1 with interval 180 seconds
2. acoount2 with interval 60 seconds
3. account3 with interval 270 seconds

Account1: 5 mails
--time needed 10 seconds
Account2: 10 mails
--time needed 20 seconds
Account3: no mails
--time needed 2 seconds
#next turn
Wait 38 seconds
Account1: not in schedule (127 left)
Account2: 15 Mails --> process 10 --> set interval to 30
--time needed 20 seconds
Account3: not in schedule (197 left)
#next turn
Wait 10 seconds
Account1: not in schedule ( 97 left)
Account2: 6 mails
--time needed 15 seconds
Account3: not in schedule (172 left)
#Next turn

This sounds like you entered the wrong server in the SMTP settings of SmartPOP2Exchange.
The server to be entered there is NOT the SMTP of your provider (this would create a loop). It 's the receiving SMTP/Exchange Server of your local network.

No. As there does no standard exist for handling catch-all account every nearly providerhas a different behavior on its pop3/imap catch-all accounts.
So SmartPOP2Exchange is implemented to work with most providers.For getting the destination address in your AD SmartPOP2Exchange needs to parse the header fields of each mail it downloads from the pop3 catch-all account.
Therefore it examines the following headers:[ 'Received: ' ... 'for ']
[ 'envelopeaddress ']
[ 'X-Envelope-To ']
[ 'Envelope-To ']
[ 'delivered-To ']
[ 'RCPT-To ']
[ 'X-RCPT-TO ']
Depending on the server your mail was sent through its headers are different. Additionally your catch-all account provider adds headers to the mail.
These headers are very often wrong. (e.g. some add the name of the catch-all pop3account as X-original-to address)
In general we recommend not to use catch-all accounts as there are some constellations where mail gets lost which can 't be fixed with any pop3-connector.(BCC recipients)

Yes. SmartPOP2Exchangeuses the SMTP protocol to communicate with the SMTP/Exchange Server. So itmakes no difference installing SmartPOP2Exchange on the same machine like yourSMTP/Exchange Server or another machine as long as there is nothing in-between blocking the SMTP port.

The SmartPOP2Exchange itself does not use much CPU but the included SpamAssassin does.
The CPU usage also depends on how much mails are processed (max mails setting) and how big your message are.

The unlimited version of SmartPOP2Exchange is not limited in the number of accounts or users.

SmartPOP2Exchangedoes checks one account after the other (POP3/IMAP). But after the download messages from one account are processed parallel (including sending to your SMTP/ExchangeServer).You can set different intervals for checking on each account and set the maximum number of messages to be downloaded from on account. that way you can prefer certain accounts by setting a smaller interval and setting the maximum number of messages to e.g. 10 will affect that SmartPOP2Exchange does not neglect any account further down in the account list.

The reason for is simple: BCC recipients are not listed in a mail message.
So there is no way to find out BCC recipients by analysing a mail message content.

The interval on the "Settings" and on the "Schedule" tab is the same. If you change one that other one will change too.
So this are just two places where you can modify the same value.

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