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Question / Problem

We have a catchall account which has a generic email address of post@domain.com. Sometimes when SmartPOP2Exchange downloads emails, it missreads the TO: address as post@domain.com rather than user@domain.com. Is there some setting I am missing?01/02/2008 09:09:27 WatchDog restarted Thread: 4293591031

Answer / Solution

No. As there does no standard exist for handling catch-all account every nearly providerhas a different behavior on its pop3/imap catch-all accounts.
So SmartPOP2Exchange is implemented to work with most providers.For getting the destination address in your AD SmartPOP2Exchange needs to parse the header fields of each mail it downloads from the pop3 catch-all account.
Therefore it examines the following headers:[ 'Received: ' ... 'for ']
[ 'envelopeaddress ']
[ 'X-Envelope-To ']
[ 'Envelope-To ']
[ 'delivered-To ']
[ 'RCPT-To ']
[ 'X-RCPT-TO ']
Depending on the server your mail was sent through its headers are different. Additionally your catch-all account provider adds headers to the mail.
These headers are very often wrong. (e.g. some add the name of the catch-all pop3account as X-original-to address)
In general we recommend not to use catch-all accounts as there are some constellations where mail gets lost which can 't be fixed with any pop3-connector.(BCC recipients)