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You need to create one account for each folder you like to check:

      +-- "destinationaddress"
            +--- "INBOX"
            +--- "BESIDEINBOX"

Just substitute the "INBOX" text in the IMAP settings of "Mailbox" by the name of the desired folder. You can also use "INBOX/subfolder" or "INBOX\subfolder" (depending on your provider) for retrieving messages from subfolders.

In the manual of SmartPOP2Exchange you can this about your question: Q:    I want to leave all messages on my POP3account in order to use as a backup. Is it possible?
A:    No this isn 't possible. We do not recommendthis setup, because a POP3 is usually not designed to hold large amounts ofmails and can get extremely slow. However you can use the rules engine ofSmartPOP2Exchange V6 to send a copy of every incoming message to any emailaddress you want. So maybe you can create a "backup" Exchange accountand store your messages there. For leaving mails on server the IMAP protocolshould be used. IMAP is also supported by SmartPOP2Exchange.

Be sure you really created only 10 POP3/IMAP/RSS accounts. SmartPOP2Exchange does not count user accounts it counts POP3, IMAP and RSS accounts.

Ther eare two options to get EML files into your Exchange Server:
1. Copy the files into the Pickup-Folder of your Exchange Server and it will pick them up.
2. Use" Send EML mail files" from the tools menu of SmartPOP2Exchange.

Every server has a maximum count for 'hops ' of an mail. (hop count = count through how manyservers a mail was send). Usually that maximum is not reached. But when it 'sreached the server either bounces that mail or does not accept it. So your ExchangeServer does not accept it because it already passed too much SMTP servers.
Check your accepted domains in the settings of your Exchange Server. If one of them is set to "Relay" change it to "Authoritative".

There is not official way to move an existing POP3/IMAP account to another existing SMTP.
We suggest to clone/duplicate the entire account, change the SMTP senders address as desired and disable the original SMTP account.

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