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After installing the newest version, the SpamAssassin service stops shortly after starting.
What can I do?

To solve this problem, you must first stop the SpamAssassin service, possibly by deactivating the service in the Windows Service Control.
Then you have to move or rename the following files:

C:\ProgramData\JAM Software\spamdService\Service.config
C:\ProgramData\JAM Software\spamdService\SpamD.config

These are the old configuration files that cause a problem when converting to a new format.

In addition, the "SpamAssassinServiceController.config" file should be deleted as this was probably created with incorrect values.
This file will then be created again by SpamAssassin the next time it is started.

If you now restart the SpamAssassin service, it should work again without any problems.

How do I configure my Office 365 to work as SMTP Server with SmartPOP2Exchange?

You need to configure a connector to send mail using Office 365 SMTP relay. A detailed help can be found on the Microsoft Help Center.

How do I migrate SmartPOP2Exchange  from one server to another?

Please install the latest available version on the old system. Create a backup of the settings ("Configuration"->"Export settings..."). Now install the trial version on the new system and import the settings ("Configuration"->"Import settings...").

As soon as you like to deactivate the old server, you may uninstall SmartPOP2Exchange and install the full version on the new system. The settings are not changed by installing the full version.

ClamAV does no longer update its signatures. Even starting freshclam.exe manually fails.

One source which may cause this problem are the ClamAV mirror servers. To solve the problem, please delete the following file:

C:\ProgramData\JAM Software\ClamAV\mirrors.dat

The spam report contains:


URIBL provides public lookups over DNS for low volume usage. If you spam check a large amount of email, or you use a shared DNS platform for resolution, you may receive a response saying the query was refused. That said, Public DNS providers such as OpenDNS or Google Public DNS are effected due to the high volume of queries they generate, as are many other internet service providers (ISP) that use caching nameservers for their customer base. 

To guarantee full functionality of SpamAssassin, forwarding should be implemented for the following domains:
- http://dnswl.org 
- http://uribl.com

See: http://www.jam-software.com/spamassassin_in_a_box/online_manual/EN/configuredns.html for more information.

Is there an easy way to move the smartpop2exchange software and all settings to a different server?

All necessary settings for SmartPOP2Exchange can be exported and imported again. Simply export the settings on the old system and import them on the new system.

Which SMTP settings do I need when using SmartPOP2Exchange with an online Exchange Server / Office 365?

When using online Exchange Server/Office 365 you need enter the SMTP server name of your online Exchange Server.
This is not "smtp.office365.com".
For a domain like "myDomain.com" the server name is usually composed like "myDomain-com.mail.protection.outlook.com".
To get the correct SMTP server address you need to do a lookup for the registered MX server.
The SMTP server you get for your domain MX lookup has to be used as SMTP server in the SMTP setting of your SmartPOP2Exchange account.
Keep using port 25 and do not use authentication.
Additionally you should add the externally visible IP address of the server running SmartPOP2Exchange as accepted IP in the connection filter settings of your online Exchange Server.

If I send an email from hotmail to user1@externaldomain.com, user2@mydomain.com and user3@mydomain.com, it comes into our global account and then is downloaded by the SmartPOP2Exchange, but it delivers the email to user1@externaldomain.com but not to the others.My log files has the following information:Sleeping for 179 secondsDelivered 1 message(s) successful and deleted them on serverStarting download of message 1 (2.49 KB) from 'mail.monster-solutions.com 'Delivering mail 1 with subject 'Another test email .... please ignore .... ' to 'andy@infocusit.com 'Apply rules to mail 1 with subject 'Another test email .... please ignore .... 'Processing POP3 account 'global@monster-solutions.com ' on Server 'mail.monster-solutions.com ' (account: 'Global ')Sleeping for 179 secondsI have got the Mail Backup check and "Replicate mails for each receipient in TO and CC of the destination domain (for catch all) " checked as well so why this is not working is very weird.Is there anything I can find out what is causing this issue?

It depends on where you put the mail addresses. If you use CC it should be OK, but when using BCC they may get lost.
See Catch-All accounts

When I tried to send an email to an catch-all mailbox which will be collected by smartpop2exchange some BCC recipients don 't get the mail. Why?

Please first have a look at FAQ in the help of SmartPOP2Exchange.
In case of using BCC there is definitely a loss of mails for server with the upper described behavior. BCC recipients are not stored in the header of a mail (that’s the sense of BCC).
So no software is able to replicate mails for BCC recipients.
You see, this is no bug. It’s simply impossible if the pop3 server has this wrong behaviour.
In general we do not recommend to use catch-all accounts because of this issue.

We had a problem with exchange andneed to import the emails from the backup mail location for the last 2 days how can this be done?

Ther eare two options to get EML files into your Exchange Server:
1. Copy the files into the Pickup-Folder of your Exchange Server and it will pick them up.
2. Use" Send EML mail files" from the tools menu of SmartPOP2Exchange.

it is possible to shape smart so that it leaves the mail on the server when it is connected?

In the manual of SmartPOP2Exchange you can this about your question: Q:    I want to leave all messages on my POP3account in order to use as a backup. Is it possible?
A:    No this isn 't possible. We do not recommendthis setup, because a POP3 is usually not designed to hold large amounts ofmails and can get extremely slow. However you can use the rules engine ofSmartPOP2Exchange V6 to send a copy of every incoming message to any emailaddress you want. So maybe you can create a "backup" Exchange accountand store your messages there. For leaving mails on server the IMAP protocolshould be used. IMAP is also supported by SmartPOP2Exchange.

I started getting the following error - error while opening SMTP connect to "domain name ":Socket Error #11004 -> the requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was foundAny ideas on what could be going on?

This error regarding to your SMTP server points to problems with your DNS server/DC:
You may enter the IP address of the SMTP server instead of the name.