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No, unfortunately, this is not possible because SmartPOP2Exchange uses the SMTP protocol to deliver emails to the target server. Therefore, SmartPOP2Exchange has no information about which folders exist on the target system. Neither the SMTP protocol nor the email standard provides a way to specify which folder an email should be placed in.

As an alternative, you can set up filter rules or scripts on the target server to move emails to the desired folders after delivery. For more information, please refer to your email server's documentation.

Yes, SmartPOP2Exchange can forward emails directly to a public folder without it being associated with a user mailbox or a distribution group.

To enable this, you need to specify the email address of the public folder in the forwarding settings of SmartPOP2Exchange.

Ensure that the public folder is configured to receive emails. For more information on configuration, please refer to the SmartPOP2Exchange documentation.

SmartPOP2Exchange can work with any virus scanner that supports "On-Access" scanning. This means that SmartPOP2Exchange can use any scanner that checks files for viruses upon access and moves, renames, or deletes the file if a virus is found. For more information, please refer to the help section under "Antivirus Software".

In order for the server to accept the user name, put it in quotation marks.

*@domain => "*@domain"

IONOS can only process e-mail addresses with special characters if they are surrounded by quotation marks.

For example, an e-mail address that is *@domain.com should then be written "*@domain.com".


You can add email addresses and domains to your blacklist or whitelist by navigating to "Spam Filter / Spam Filter Lists". Add known spam domains to the blacklist or trusted domains to the whitelist to ensure better spam detection. Due to spoofing, it is not advisable to add your own email addresses to the whitelist.

When a spam sender is whitelisted, the spam report contains the line


and the spam rating will be approximately -100. The spam report can be found in the header of the email under "x-spam-report".

Blacklist for words

You can add rules for emails containing certain words by using the "Mail contains text" and/or "Subject contains text" conditions. You can handle these emails in different ways:

In the rules, you can apply the "Do not deliver message" action. Also, you can mark the email as spam with "Write specific text at the beginning of the subject" in the subject.

Custom rules

You can also navigate to "Spam Filter / Spam Filter Options / Custom SpamAssassin CF File" to create custom SpamAssassin rules instead, if you prefer to increase the spam score instead of marking these emails as spam directly. See this website to learn how to create custom rules: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/SPAMASSASSIN/WritingRules


If you receive an unusual amount of spam emails, please check the "x-spam-report" entry in the header of one of the emails. If this contains the entry

URIBL_BLOCKED ADMINISTRATOR NOTE: The request to URIBL has been blocked. See https://wiki.apache.org/spamassassin/DnsBlocklists#dnsbl-block for more information.

then please follow the instructions on the linked website or in our Knowledge Base: https://knowledgebase.jam-software.com/7285 This step will noticeably improve the spam detection rate.

Changing existing SpamAssassin rules

If you want to change the spam score of existing SpamAssassin rules, you can follow the instructions on this website: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/SPAMASSASSIN/AdjustRuleScore.
You can also use the configurator in the Exchange Server Toolbox for this purpose. A customized default rule in the configurator overwrites the existing SpamAssassin rule.

This can happen if SpamAssassin is overloaded. To fix the problem you can increase the MaxChildren and/or MaxSpare settings in the "C:\ProgramData\JAM Software\spamdService\SpamAssassinServiceController.config". Increasing MaxChildren allows SpamAssassin to use more processes, which allows it to scan more emails in parallel. Increasing MaxSpare allows SpamAssassin to keep more idle processes on reserve to react faster to load peaks.

This is a problem of the ClamAV update server. It is not a critical problem, which will disappear by itself once the problem on the server has been fixed.

You can ignore the error messages until then, or enable the option "Log ClamAV Update errors as warnings only" in the Anti-Virus settings. Be sure to disable this option as soon as the problem is fixed.

Unfortunately, the use of Office365 accounts in SmartPOP2Exchange is currently no longer possible.

Our implementation of two-factor authentication using OAuth2 has not been working recently.

Since there have been no changes to SmartPOP2Exchange during this time, everything points to a change in the Microsoft interface. Unfortunately, no changes have been documented by Microsoft in this regard and we have been referred to the use of a software library which we unfortunately cannot use in SmartPOP2Exchange for technological reasons.

We are considering removing the OAuth2 authentication feature completely from SmartPOP2Exchange in an upcoming release, but are waiting to see if there are any further changes to the interface from Microsoft.

During your maintenance period, they are located at Downloads -> Older versions in the customer area, if you are logged in to your customer account.

You should be able to find the installation files and keys of the two last major versions there.

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