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During your maintenance period, you will find them at Downloads/Updates -> Older versions in your customer account. There are the installation files and keys of the two last major versions.

The followings paths should be excluded in any external security program:

  • C:\ProgramData\JAM Software\ClamAVInABox
  • C:\ProgramData\JAM Software\SmartPOP2Exchange
  • C:\ProgramData\JAM Software\spamdService
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\JAM Software\ClamAVInABox
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\JAM Software\SpamAssassin
  • C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\.spamassassin

This is important so that SmartPOP2Exchange can check emails for viruses undisturbed. Since SmartPOP2Exchange receives emails via TCP and temporarily stores them locally for virus scanning, the processes in the listed folders must be undisturbed during these operations. If security software interferes with the process, errors may occur during email processing.

In addition, it can happen that the virus signatures used by ClamAV are themselves detected as viruses. If something deletes or blocks the signatures, SmartPOP2Exchange cannot provide virus protection.

You can find further information on how to use SmartPOP2Exchange and an external virus scanner at the same time in the help under Anti-virus software.

In order to forward emails without a valid recipient to a collective address you need to configure an SMTP error rule. You can configure this rule for a single account or as a global role.

Go to SMTP Error Rules and add a rule with the condition "Match error code with [specified number]. The error number is 550. Add the action "Send copy to [specified recipient]" and set the collective address.

Please note that in order for this rule to work your email server needs to be configured to reject emails with an invalid recipient. You can find instructions on configuring your Exchange Server here.

None of our applications depend on Java Spring or any other Java library and are thus not affected by this vulnerability.

All of our products are being developed in Delphi or C#. Although we use Spring4D(elphi) with some of the components, they are safe to use, because the reported vulnerability applies to Java Spring framework only.

This applies to all versions and editions of our applications (TreeSize, SpaceObServer, SpaceObServer WebAccess, HeavyLoad, SmartPOP2Exchange, Exchange Server Toolbox, SpamAssassin in a Box, SpamAssassin for Windows, SmartCallMonitor, SEPA-Transfer, ServerSentinel, and ShellBrowser). It is recommended to always use the latest available versions though to benefit from the latest patches, improvements, and features.

To install SmartPOP2Exchange on another server, do the following:

  • Stop the SmartPOP2Exchange service on the old server
  • File > Export settings
  • File > Export Accountdata
  • Stop SmartPOP2Exchange service on the old server
  • Install SmartPOP2Exchange on the new server
  • File > Import settings
  • File > Import Accountdata
  • Uninstall SmartPOP2Exchange on the old server