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The ClamAV scanner cannot be updated

Question / Problem

The error "Error updating ClamAV database" appears:


daily.cld database is up-to-date (version: 26820, sigs: 2021349, f-level: 90, builder: raynman) main.cld database is up-to-date (version: 62, sigs: 6647427, f-level: 90, builder: sigmgr) bytecode database available for update (local version: 333, remote version: 334)ERROR: downloadPatch: Can''t apply patchThe database server doesn''t have the latest patch for the bytecode database (version 334). The server will likely have updated if you check again in a few hours.

Answer / Solution

This is a problem of the ClamAV update server. It is not a critical problem, which will disappear by itself once the problem on the server has been fixed.

You can ignore the error messages until then, or enable the option "Log ClamAV Update errors as warnings only" in the Anti-Virus settings. Be sure to disable this option as soon as the problem is fixed.