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You are most likely using an outdated version of the software.
Please download the current version via 'Help > Check for Update...'.

You are most likely using an outdated version of the software.
Please download the current version via 'Help > Check for Update...'.

In order to quickly find files and folders on your hard drive, UltraSearch directly accesses the Master File Table of local NTFS partitions. Administrator rights are needed for this. As a consequence the User Account Control (UAC) is displayed. You can skip this dialog by disabling Skip User Account Control Warning via Options > Application.

If you want to search for file content, use the prefix cont: or content: , for example:
to search all files with the word "license" in its content.

If you prefer to use separate input fields for entering file contents as in earlier UltraSearch versions, you can also use the Query Composer on the 'Start' or 'Search' tab.

The full text search is time-consuming. It is therefore recommended to use additional search criteria like file name or file extension.

You can start UltraSearch directly with the operating system via 'Options > Application > Launch at Windows startup'. UltraSearch is then always available from the notification area on the right side of the taskbar.

The key combination 'Ctrl + Shift + U' can bring UltraSearch to the foreground at lightning speed and you can start your search without delay. You can change the key combination for launching UltraSearch at any time under 'Options > Application > Select hotkey'.

Yes. The dark mode can be activated via 'Options> Application> Appearance'.

This is a known issue with Windows' preinstalled PDF file handler in combination with certain PDF files.

In order to be able to read the content of certain files, our software uses file handlers that are registered in Windows. Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue with Microsoft's PDF file handler, which causes this behavior in rare cases.

The same technology is also used by Windows' File Explorer (you could reproduce this issue in File Explorer as well). What you can do as a workaround is to install a different, third party file handler for PDF files, such as the one from Adobe.

  1. Check whether the appropriate file format is entered under Options > Configure content search. If not, enter the file extension(s) that should be included in the file content search. Or clear the list to have UltraSearch search all file formats for file content. However, this can greatly slow down the search.
  2. It is also possible that the required filter for the file format is not installed. UltraSearch uses the so-called IFilter Interface, which is provided by the operating system, for full-text searches. To search specific file formats such as PDF files, you need a filter for the corresponding file format.
    Many file formats, such as the usual Office formats, are already handled by the operating system's own routines.

First ensure that you have the installer for the full version and your installation key. Both are available within your maintenance period in our customer area.

You can now uninstall our software on your old computer and install it on your new computer. An explcit license deactivation is not necessary.

During your maintenance period, you will find them at Downloads/Updates -> Older versions in your customer account. There are the installation files and keys of the two last major versions.

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