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I want to activate/deactivate the context menu entry shown for TreeSize Free in the Windows Explorer's context menu for folders. I've seen the option with the installer, but do I really need to reinstall the whole application?

There is no need to reinstall TreeSize Free in order to change the setting for the Windows Explorer's context menu.

On the 'Options' tab, you can simply change the option at runtime.

I scanned my mobile device, but TreeSize shows only small parts of the internal storage. The included storage card is shown correctly. Is there a way to show the complete internal storage?

TreeSize uses the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) to access data on mobile devices. By now, MTP is the only generic way to access data on Android and IOS devices.

With MTP, the device itself keeps full control over which data are available and which are not. System files and other critical data usually remain hidden this way.

I want to know the free space of a drive. Is there a column for it?

The free space of a drive - as well as its capacity - is a fix information and is not applicable for single files or folders.

Both of these informations are shown in the status bar after scanning a drive.

The free space can also be included with the treemap chart. The according option can be found on the contextual ribbon tab after activating the chart.

I currently use about half of the capacity of my local drive, so half of it is free. TreeSize still shows 100% in the 'Percent of parent column'. Why doesn't it show 50%?

The percent values in TreeSize are defined to be based on the accessible and filtered sizes - so basically to the size values also shown in the related columns (depending on the current view mode: size, allocated space, or number of files).

Using the capacity of a drive instead would break this definition and even be undefined for many usecases (What's the number of unused files on a drive? How to interprete filtered results? How to calculate the capacity of a subfolder? ...)

The capacity and free space of a drive are represented as their own piece of information in the statusbar instead and can be shown as a separate tile with the treemap chart instead.

I was trying to clean up my harddrive. I already ran TreeSize and analyed the drive, but how do I know which files to delete now?

TreeSize allows you to quickly analyze your data and realize where the disk space has gone to.

You forgot about a backup job you have running every night?
Your game library has grown up to several hundred of gigabytes?
Your streaming app keeps everything cached?

With TreeSize, such information becomes obvious. But all of these data exist for a valid reason, and only you can decide which parts of you need to keep and which you can delete.

My system lists TreeSize Free as an installed application, but I can not remember to have it installed.

We are not aware of any application or software collection, which would install TreeSize Free as 3rd party software without asking. Should you notice such an application, please let us know, so we can investigate the situation.

TreeSize Free does not include any adware and remains completely inactive while not running. You can uninstall and remove TreeSize Free completely using the Windows Control Panel.

I installed TreeSize Free, but I can't remember where I installed it to and the Windows Search / Cortana won't find it as well.

The default installation path for TreeSize Free is C:\Program Files (x86)\JAM Software\TreeSize Free

Windows Search / Cortana would unfortunately not find the installed applications by default, but only its shortcut added to the start menu. To make sure the application is available via the quick search in the start menu, please make sure the start menu entry is being checkmarked for creation during setup.

The name column does not only contain the name, but also the size, which seems to be redundant.

This results from the basic view without details, where the size information for the current view type (size, allocated, files, percent) is shown before the name of each object.

Having the details shown, you can simply deactivate these values at "Options ->  Show preceding values in details view"

After using the portable version of TreeSize Free, the Explorer's context menu includes entries to scan folders and drives with TreeSize Free.

Why is there any reason for context menu entries with a portable app and how can I remove these entries?

The option to integrate with the Explorer's context menu is deactivated for the portable version and TreeSize Free would thus not create any entry.

If you want to use a portable version of TreeSize Free and still create context menu entries, you may use the default installed version of TreeSize Free and create an empty file named 'GlobalOptions.xml' in the installation folder. The program folder created this way can be copied and used just like the portable version.

Please be aware that the context menu entries created this way are not being updated or removed if the program folder changes. Such context menu entries may thus become orphaned and should be removed beforehand.

The easiest way to remove the entries again is to deactivate the option on the 'Options' tab.

I downloaded and installed TreeSize Free and now there are other programs installed as well.

The official installer for TreeSize Free (as well as the portable version and the version available in the Windows Store) would not install any other applicationand is tested to contain no malware, adware, or similar.

Please assure to download TreeSize Free from trusted sources only, like our official download server at https://www.jam-software.com/treesize_free

Should you believe you have found a conspicuous download source, please let us know.

May TreeSize Free be used in commercial and enterprise environments?

Yes, TreeSize Freee may be used in commercial and enterprise environments. TreeSize Free has the limitation that it cannot scan network drives in Windows domains, this is only possible with the Professional edition.

However, please consider purchasing a few licenses of TreeSize Professional to support the further development of all editions.

With TreeSize Free V4.1, a new type of hints has been introduced: the folder content preview. Is there a way to disable this popup window and show the old fashioned hint instead?

Yes, there is:

On the 'Options' tab, click and expand the 'Options' drop down. The first entry of the now shown list ('Tooltips') allows you to chose between the available hint types:

- Only for cut off labels: Only shows a hint, if the content of a cell had to be cropped
- Show Long Tooltips: Shows a hint containing detailed information on an element
- Show a preview of the current folder's content: Shows a preview window on the current folder

With V4.1.1, the default option for the tooltips has been adjusted, so the folder content preview has to be activated manually.
The 'Tooltips' option has been moved to the 'Options' tab also, so it may be accessed more easily.