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Yes, Spaceobserver offers an OLE automation interface to create automated reports using custom scripts. In the 'Demos' subdirectory of the Spaceobserver installation folder you will find many useful example scripts which you can use as a basis for your own script. An overview of the interface commands can be found in our online manual.

To create weekly or monthly reports, you can use the Windows Task Scheduler to run your scripts at a certain time or time interval.

When using a common sql server database there is no size limitation by default. Howerver, most comercial sql server database systems offer a free "Express" version of there sql server which are mostly limited in:

  • The maximum database size (MS SQL Server 2019 Express database is limited to 10 GB, without Transaction log files)
  • The number of used CPU cores / sockets (MS SQL Server 2019 Express: 1 socket or 4 cores)
  • The maximum used cache / memory (MS SQL Server 2019 Express: 1.4 GB RAM)

If you are planning to scan large amounts of disk space with SpaceObServer, you should always prefer using a real sql server database.
Please note that we offer SpaceObServer in a bundle with "Microsoft SQL Server Standard, incl. 1 CAL, Runtime License (perpetual license)".
Please find more information in our price list.

The access of SharePoint volumes mounted as network drives can be very slow. To prevent this please deactivate the option 'Automatically detect settings' in the internet options of the Microsoft Internet Explorer ('Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings').

SpaceObServer does not yet have special support for SharePoint built in. But it is possible make the SharePoint documents accessible through an UNC path. On the SharePoint Server, you first need to install the "Desktop Experience" ("Server Manager > Features > Add Features > Desktop Experience"). On the client PC, the Windows system service 'Web Client' must be running. You can then access your SharePoint server through the UNC path "\\<Sharepoint server>\<subpage>\<library>". To get the correct path please use the button "Open with Explorer", which is placed on the "Library" ribbon of the MS SharePoint web page. You may then right click on a folder having the 'Shift' key pressed and select "Copy as path" in the shown menu.

Such issues occur if the machine SpaceObServer is running on could not establish a trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. To fix this issue you need to install a matching certificate on the machine. Please find detailed information in our online manual.