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Of course you can. Please see the Spam Filter chapter.

Addresses added by a SmartPOP2Exchange action are added to an auto-whitelist/blacklist, so these addresses are not listed in the Spam filter options. You can find the files for the auto-whitelist/blacklist under "%COMMONFILES%\JAM Software\SpamAssassin\etc\SpamAssassin\" (JAMAutoWL.cf or JAMAutoBL.cf)

There are 3 possible reasons why "UNREGISTERED" still shows up:

  1. You did not download and install the full version from the URL you received after the purchase.
  2. You have accidentally installed the trial version again. (Have you been asked for an installation key?)
  3. You have installed the full version to a different folder than the trial version, which is now still on your disk.

For questions regarding prices and purchasing please have a look at our price list and our ordering help.

The exact number depends on the system SmartPOP2Exchange it is running on. To increase the throughput, you can disable the spam & virus checking.
Nevertheless, on an average server, with spam and virus checking enabled, you can achieve 10,000 mail messages per day. With spam and virus checking disabled a normal value is 100,000 mail messages.

Of course it is, although we do not recommend it. This setup is known as a "catch all" account. Check the option "Send messages to the mail address found in their message header (catch-all account)" on the POP3 / IMAP account setup form to automatically forward the mail messages to the appropriate accounts. You can also create rules for every SMTP user to declare which mail should be forwarded to which address.

You can accelerate the process by reducing the number of days an entry stays in the eventlog.

SmartPOP2Exchange has a very detailed eventlog and it deletes a mail from the POP3/IMAP only after it has been successfully delivered to the SMTP server. If any problem occurs, it simply leaves the mail on the POP3/IMAP server until it has been delivered successfully.

Yes, it does. SmartPOP2Exchange consists of a configuration application and a system service. The system service is started automatically when Windows is started and does the actual processing of the email. The configuration application is for monitoring and setup purposes only.

No, SmartPOP2Exchange can be installed on any PC in your network. As it uses the SMTP protocol to send/deliver the mail messages to the Exchange/SMTP Server, it just has to be able to communicate to port 25 of the SMTP / Exchange Server.

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