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Indeed, by default additional space is added between root nodes. While it is unfortunately technically not possible to reduce the extra space, you can remove it, using the "SingleSpacedRoots" property. If set to true, all extra space is removed.

For specific documentation on components, check the API help. It contains descriptions on all classes, methods, and properties and is accessible either online or in the installation directory of ShellBrowser.

We plan to introduce a "FileNameFormat" property for easy configuration.

While this is not in place, you can control the display using the "OnAddItem" event to accomplish this, by accessing the ItemIdList of the ListItem to retrieve the physical name using the Name property:

procedure TMainForm.ShellListAddItem(Item: TJamShellListItem;
  var CanAdd: Boolean);
  if not Item.IsFolder and not String.IsNullOrEmpty(Item.AbsoluteItemIdList.Name) then
    Item.Caption := Item.AbsoluteItemIdList.Name;

Unfortunately Windows doesn't offer an API for this function, so it is indeed not part of ShellBrowser currently. Note, that commands executed via ShellBrowser can be undone in Windows Explorer though.

Please check the compatibility page  for supported RAD Studio versions.

Existing customers have the ability to download older versions of the controls in our customers area. However these old versions come without technical support and won't receive updates any more.