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Is there a function to retrieve a list of valid drives in ShellBrowser?

What we have is the JamDriveList control. a listview with all valid drives in it.

What you could also do is to set TShellBrowser.SpecialFolder property to SF_DRIVES and then use the TShellBrowser.Next() to enumerate "My Computer":

ShellBrowser.SpecialFolder := SF_DRIVES;
While ShellBrowser.Next do
   if Pos( ': ', ShellBrowser.ObjectName) > 0 then
      ListOfDrives.Items.Add (ShellBrowser.ObjectName);

I have a little problem, trying to use the TShellChangeNotification in a service application: The OnChange event isn 't triggered in this situation

The SHChangeNotifyRegister API of Windows doesn't seem to work in a Windows System Service. Although Microsoft's documentation doesn't state this, we found several postings in the internet that suggest that this API doesn't work for service applications.