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The unit for the temperature is selected according to the regional settings of the current user. If the measurement system is set to "Metric", Celsius will be used. If the measurement system is set to "U.S.", Fahrenheit will be used. This also applies to the service. If notifications from the service use the wrong unit, the measurement system must be changed for the corresponding user. For system accounts, the regional settings can be used to transfer the settings of the current user to all system accounts.

You will have to download the full version of the software from our customer's area. The login data may be found in the e-mail or in the printed license which you have received after the purchase. In case you do not have your login data anymore, you may request them to be sent to the e-mail address you already used when purchasing the software.

The evaluation copy allows you to test the software before you buy it. The evaluation time is limited to 30 days. Further usage of the software after this period is not permitted and violates the law. In order to allow our customers to fully test our software products, our evaluation versions usually do not contain significant limitations. But the software may remind you from time to time to purchase it after you are finished testing it.

In the case that VDS is not supported check the manufacturer-specific management software if SNMP is supported and use the SNMP Request Sensor to query the specific OIDs.

To reinstall the service there are two options:

  1. Re-install ServerSentinel. During the installation, you should be asked to choose a user for the service. If this page does not occur, the service is damaged and must be uninstalled first. Follow the instruction from 2. to do this.
  2. You can install the service manually by executing “ServerSentinel.Service.exe /install” on the command line. The file is located in the installation directory in the sub-directory "bin”. A dialog should open, where you can choose the user for the service. If the dialog does not open, the service is damaged and must be uninstalled first. In this case execute first “ServerSentinel.Service.exe /uninstall” and then install it again.

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