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The ServerSentinel service vanished

Question / Problem

After an update or because of another reason the ServerSentinel service does not longer exist.

Answer / Solution

To reinstall the service there are two options:

  1. Re-install ServerSentinel. During the installation, you should be asked to choose a user for the service. If this page does not occur, the service is damaged and must be uninstalled first. Follow the instruction from 2. to do this.
  2. You can install the service manually by executing “ServerSentinel.Service.exe /install” on the command line. The file is located in the installation directory in the sub-directory "bin”. A dialog should open, where you can choose the user for the service. If the dialog does not open, the service is damaged and must be uninstalled first. In this case execute first “ServerSentinel.Service.exe /uninstall” and then install it again.