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This is a bug in the provider. To avoid it, you have several options:

  1. Go in the dialog to the 'All' tab and set the option 'Persist Security Info' to true. Afterwards the password should be saved.
  2. Extend the connection string manually with the parameter 'Password=********;'.
  3. Use instead of user name/password the integrated Windows security.
  4. Use the 'Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server instead which does not have this problem.

Most trial/demo versions of our products support the activation with a valid license key and then unlock all the features of the full version.

Alternatively, you can always install the full version over the existing trial version, your settings from the trial version will be taken over unchanged.

Log in to the Customer Area, using your login name and password. You can then click on the avatar on the top right to log in.

Please follow the link Downloads in the same menu.
There you can download your software immediately after finishing your order and also find the license key.

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