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Telephoning with Fritz!Box

Question / Problem

How can I make phone calls with a Fritz!Box?

Answer / Solution

You can register SmartCallMonitor as a phone with your Fritz!Box, and then make phone calls e.g. with a headset. Following steps are necessary:

  1. Create an IP phone in the Fritz!Box configuration user interface.
  2. Start SmartCallMonitor and go to "Tools->Settings". In the opening settings dialog, navigate to "Telephony->SIP".
  3. Check the "Activate SIP" setting at the top.
  4. In section "Add SIP Account": Enter "username" and "login password" that you have chosen in step 1. As server address "fritz.box" will suffice in cases, where the Fritz!Box is reachable on this address, otherwise enter its IP address.
  5. If different from your Windows default settings, configure the audio devices that you would like to use for conducting calls in the section "SIP Audio Settings".
  6. Confirm the settings dialog. SmartCallMonitor will try to establish a connection for the SIP account. If the connection succeeded, the line will be listed in the main window in the "Switchboard" view. You can now use the line to receive and make calls.

If the line is not visible, please consider this article: https://knowledgebase.jam-software.com/7520