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You can setup TreeSize to create and email a report daily using command line options. Please see the help file for details.SMTP must be configured properly to do so.

It is currently not possible to send this report only in case of low disk space. For such tasks, please have a look at SpaceObServer, which provides extended scripting capabilities and a background service.

You can edit the intervals of the file ages in the Options of TreeSize. Filtering by a certain interval is not possible with TreeSize. But this is be possible with our products SpaceObServer.

Yes, this pop up can be turned off under "Options > Directory Tree -> Show tooltips in Directory Tree".

You can increase the number of files that are included in this statistic under "Options > Top Files > Show the top X files".

You can also use the seach type "Biggest Files" of the TreeSize File Search. The results can be exported in different ways as well.

Please reduce the maximum number of threads and their priority at "Tools > Options > General > Search Engine".

You can select all files via the usual keyboard shortcut Ctrl-A, or via "Home > Select all" in the ribbon menu. Changing the file owner for all selected files can be done by clicking "Change file owner" in the right click menu of the result list.

By default customers will be informed about new updates by email, unless this feature was deactivated in the personal settings of our customer's area. In addition to that, TreeSize regularly checks if there is an update available and notifies you about.

To activate the "Drives List" in the bottom left corner of TreeSize again, please click the "View" tab and ensure "Drive List" is checked in the "Show or hide" group.

Note: The Drive List features its own ribbon tab that becomes visible and active as soon as the Drive List was clicked. The ribbon tab provides various options that are directly related to the Drive List.

First ensure that you have the installer for the full version and your license key. Both are available within your maintenance period in our customer area.

You can now uninstall our software on your old computer and install it on your new computer. An explcit license deactivation is not necessary.

If you would like to move your user settings from your old computer to your new computer as well, please open the application (File) menu of TreeSize and open the sub menu of the "Options" dialog (small arrow to the right). In the sub menu, please select "Export". A dialog will open that lets you chose a target destination for the TreeSize settings file.

After copying the settings file to the new computer, open TreeSize and open the options sub menu again. Now click "Import" and select the settings file.

You can do this with the command line switch "/DATE"

This switch will add the current date to all file names occurring after it on the command line. This is useful if you want to do scans regularly every night or every weekend. If you want the date included in all filenames, then /DATE should be your first command line option. The following example will scan the network path \host\share and save the result to a file like C:\scans\name_03-12-20_1550.xls:

Treesize.exe /DATE /EXCEL "C:\scans\name.xls" "\\host\share"

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