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Our 3rd party library which manages our installation keys iterates the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\CLSID which takes magnitudes longer under App-V virtualization than on a normal system. A possible solution is described here: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/1648d88e-72bb-4bf9-92b3-4a803e431650/problem-to-sequence-treesize-professionnal?forum=mdopappv

We will replace the library that handles the installation in keys in TreeSize V8.0 so that this iteration will no longer take place.

Yes you can!

Please go to the 'Help' tab and click on 'Check for update'. Doing so will actually check for updates and bring up a notification window stating the result of the check. The same notification window would show up, if an automatic check has found an available update.

The checkbox at the bottom of this notification allows you to choose whether to 'Check for updates regularly'.

Read this knowledge base entry to learn how to disabale the automatic check for updates or the "Check for updates" button programatically.

Open the Treesize File Search, enable only the "Advanced Search", and define a filter on the right for "Name matches Regular Expression" and one of these patterns:

 [^[:print:]]  if you want to treat all non-ASCII characters as invalid (which would e.g. also treat German umlauts as invalid)

 [^\P{C}]  if you want to treat all non-printable Unicode characters as invalid
It can also make sense to search for files containing the non-breakable space (Unicode NOBR U+00A0). To find them, use the pattern [\xA0].

To search for specific characters like percent and ampersand use the regular expression [&%]. You can find more examples on searching with regular expressions in the manual.

You can get rid of unwanted characters using the bulk renamer of TreeSize.

You can change the behavior by check-marking the option "Tools > Options > Scan > General > Follow Mountpoints and external symbolic links".

Symbolic links are marked by Treesize with a small arrow on the folder icon.

You currently cannot save a set of subfolders to an XML file. If the unwanted folders all match a certain pattern, you can define an exclude filter in the "Options" of TreeSize.

To monitor the size and growth of certain folders continuously, we would like to recommend our product SpaceObServer.