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You can apply a filter for a scan in the Options by adding patterns such as *.bmp as include filter. A second possibility is to enable the "Create Statistics on File Extensions" feature in the Options. This will provide a detailed statistics for the file types in each sub-tree on the "Extensions" tab and you will be able to limit the values in the directory tree to one file type. A third possibility is to use the Custom File Search of the File Search Module of TreeSize. Our product SpaceObServer has extended and more flexible reporting features if needed.

Yes, please see chapter "Installation".

Please make sure that the option "Create Statistics on File Owners" is activated in the Options of TreeSize. After the scan is finished please right-click on this user on the "Users" tab and choose "Limit to this user" from the context menu. You may also use the Custom File Search to search files of certain users.

You can specify the startup behaviour of TreeSize in the Options dialog. Or you can simply create a shortcut to treesize.exe on your desktop or the Start menu and add those drives and folders to the command line, separated with a space character.

Yes, in the Professional Edition you can use UNC names like "\\SERVERNAME\Share" to access a network drive by entering them in the drive combo box on the top of the main window. You can also use UNC names on the command line.