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You have to download the full version of the software from our customer's area. The login data can be found in the email or in the printed license which you have received after the purchase. In case you do not have your login data anymore, they may be sent to you upon request. Therefore, we will send the data to the email address you have used for purchasing the software.

You always need a SpaceObServer license as base. SpaceObServer includes the system service which scans the drives and enters the information into a database. The SpaceObServer Remote Client only includes the SpaceObServer user interface, without the scanning service. You can install SpaceObServer remote Clients on additional machines in your network to generate reports for scanned directories, by accessing the stored data inside the database. You can also use the SpaceObServer Remot4e Client for remote administration of scans. You need as many licenses as you have machines on which the SpaceObServer Remote Client should be installed.

The evaluation copy allows you to test the software before you buy it. The maximum time to do this is 30 days. Further usage of the software after this period is not permitted and violates the law. In order to allow our customers to fully test our software products, our evaluation versions usually do not contain significant limitations. But the software may remember you from time to time that you should purchase the software after your testing is finished.

One license of SpaceObServer covers one installation. SpaceObServer can scan network paths via UNC or mapped drives. So you can install SpaceObServer on one server to observe multiple machines. Because of the performance and the workload of the observing server we do not recommend you scan more than 3-5 machines with one server, but this depends totally on the size of the file system structures to scan on each server and the scan frequency. If you are using SpaceObServer in a clustered environment you need one license per node you install SpaceObServer on. For the correct usage of SpaceObServer on a clustered environment (See Main Program).
Furthermore, please check our license agreement for more details.

The Enterprise edition offers all the features of SpaceObServer while the Standard edition is limited in some points. With the Standard edition you can scan only one server, no Exchange or SSH scans are available and the OLE Automation interface is not included. Please find a detailed comparison of both Editions here.