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Please execute the following steps:
1. Open the Windows system dialog "Services" ("Control Panel > (Performance and Maintenance) > Administrative Tools > Services").
2. In the list of the services (local) look for "SpaceobServer Agent" and stop this service.
3. Select "Properties" in the context menu of "SpaceobServer Agent".
4. Switch to the tab "Log On" and change from the "Local System account" to "This account".
5. Insert the necessary login information (username, password) for a user account with sufficient network access rights.
6. Start the service "SpaceobServer Agent" again.
Note: If you use a MS SQL Server and the integrated Windows security, the user you used for the service login have to have read and write access to the database!

Starting the setup with the command line parameters /SILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /PASSWORD=<installationkey> will perform a silent and automatic installation with the default settings. Please replace <installationkey> with the installation key that you received after your registration. Using /VERYSILENT instead of /SILENT will prevent any visual feedback. Use the options /SERVICEUSER <domain>\<username> and /SERVICEPWD <password> within the initial installation of SpaceObServer to specify the login information of the SpaceObServer Service. Otherwise the local system account is used here, which can lead to problems when scanning network shares (See: "SpaceObServer doesn't start to scan a selected directory...").The option /DIR=<directory> can be used to override the default install path. After this you may configure your database connection using the OLE Automation Interface of SpaceObServer. A template script for an Unattended Installation of SpaceObServer can be found in the installation directory, in the sub directory "Demos" (See "UnattendedInstallation.vbs").

Updates are free within your maintenance period (12 to 36 months after purchase). You are allowed to use the software as long as you want to. If your maintenance period expires, you will get no more free updates, but you will be able to purchase a maintenance renewal for a reduced price in our customer's area.

In the "Help" menu of SpaceObServer you can use "Check for update" to check online if there are updates available. Within your maintenance you can download the latest version of SpaceObServer from our customer's area. To upgrade older versions just run the installation file. Your user settings will still be available after the upgrade.

We do not work with activation codes because you can find them very easily on the internet. We are working with separate trial and full versions. After purchasing our software, customers get an account for our customer's area where they can download the full version for at least 12 months. We will also send a CD at additional cost. Our customers will also receive an installation key, which will be necessary to install the full version. You should keep both in a safe place. Installing the full version over the trial version will preserve your existing data and settings.