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The integrated SpamAssassin does automatically use RBL 's.You can see this by having a look at the mail header of a spam mail scanned by the Exchange Server Toolbox or SmartPOP2Exchange:
* 0.9 RCVD_IN_PBL RBL: Received via a relay in Spamhaus PBL
* -2.0 AWL AWL: From: address is inthe auto white-list

When using the "Send copy to [...]" rule you simply can disable the option "Sent copy to SMTP accounts e-mail". Then the mail will be redirected (not copied) to the specifies mail address and the original recipient will not receive it.

The error message means that SmartPOP2Exchange is not able to zip the backup mails ofone day because there is a mail file which can 't be added to the zip. This may be caused of a process locking the file or the filename contains characterswhich are not allowed in a zip file.To solve this problem rename that folder (e.g.: 2008-10-29 --> 2008-10-29NoZip). It should be the oldest not jet zipped folder.

Yes, you can adjust the SpamAssassin rules as you like.
In Exchange Server Toolbox you can use the build in custom SpamAssassin config file editor which you can find under Spam Options to create a .cf-file suited to your needs.

For further references see:

Alternatively you can create a .cf-file manually and store it together with all the other .cf-files.
We recommend to use the letter "X" as prefix for the name of your CF-file (like"XMyRules.cf").

"ClamAv in a Box" and "SpamAssassin in a Box", also integrated in SmartPOP2Exchange and Exchange Server Toolbox already update their rules / virus signatures every 3 hours automatically.

The default spam rule in SmartPOP2Exchange does not delete spam mails, as we don 't recommend to delete spam mails. It is set to tag spam in the subject so the users can set up a rule in their mail clients to filter by that spam tag. As no anti-spam software can be 100% in spam detection there is always the possibility that a good mail (ham mail) may achieve a high spam score and will be treated as spam. If you changed the standard spam rule to delete (Do not deliver) spam mails, those mails are lost as long as you don 't have any backup, like using the backup function of SmartPOP2Exchange. If you are using that function you can search that mail in the backup and resent it using "Tools --> Send EML files" in SmartPOP2Exchange. If you have no backup those mail are finally lost.