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Different classes offer methods to execute commands (e.g. InvokeCommandOnSelected, or InvokeCommand.

Formally, these method usually require a TShellCommand as parameter.

However, this type can be assigned a string or a TShellAction, so both


as well as


will display the property dialog for the selected elements.

TShellAction is an enumeration of frequently used commands. For less common context menu items, you can pass the verb as string.


To find out the verb of an existing context menu item, implement the OnBeforeShellCommand event - it passes the verb of the selected menu item.

The path of ShellBrowser is missing in the library path of  Delphi. You may need to add it manually under
Tools / Environment Options / Library / Library Path.

When you have used our installer:

In RAD Studio choose: Components > Install Packages > Add... > "%BDSCOMMONDIR%\BPL\JamShellBrowserDesign.bpl"

When using the ZIP file download (source code customers only):

  • Extract the ZIP file
  • Open "Packages\RAD Studio 10.?\JamShellBrowserDesign.dproj",
  • Right click on "JamShellBrowserDesign.bpl" in the Project Manager
  • Choose "Install".

Both approaches will only work in case the ShellBrowser version supports the version of RAD Studio you are using. So when using the latest version of RAD Stusio make sure to have the latest version of ShellBrowser.

To set a different selection in the ShellTree, there are the following possibilities:

ShellTree.SelectedFolder := ‘c:\’;

ShellTree.SpecialFolder := Jam.Shell.Types.SF_DOWNLOADS;

There are several measures you can take, depending on the components you are using:

In the TJamShellTree, you can set the root nodes via the MultipleRoots and RootedAt properties. RootedAt is also available for the BreadCrumbBar.

To avoid, that a user manually opens a folder you have different options of interception: