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ShellBrowser is compatible with all current RAD Studio versions. See here for further information.

Log in to the Customer Area, using your login name and password.
Please follow the link Downloads / Updates in the right hand menu named Customer Area.
There you can download your software immediately after finishing your order and also find the installation key.

You just need to add JamSelectionList to your uses clause, because Delphi won't do this programmatically for data types.

Due to some changes to the Shell API header files, you have to add the conditional define NO_WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN to the Conditional Defines section of project options of all your projects. Otherwise the header files containing the Windows Shell related stuff won't be included completely and your project won't compile.

IMPORTANT: Please also make sure to add the path to the header files of ShellBrowser to the Include Path of each of your projects!

This is the intended behavior of the ShellBrowser.GetShellObjectName method. To get a file system name please use the ShellBrowser.ObjectName property.