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OLE Drag-and-Drop is a special way to transfer Shell data using Drag-and-Drop.

It is implemented in most ShellBrowser components and enables interaction with applications supporting this as well, like Windows File Explorer, Word, etc.

Standard VCL components do not support this out of the box, but you can enable them by using a TJamDropFiles or TJamDragFiles as  mediator.

You may use TShellBrowser.GetColumnText.

No. The ShellBrowser components are royalty free. That means after you purchased them, you may distribute compiled projects without additional costs or fees.

All current versions of Windows are supported. See here for further information.


The ShellBrowser package is missing in the runtime packages list of Delphi. You then need to add it manually under Project / Project Options / Packages / Runtime packages. If you are not using runtime packages, the the path with the .OBJ file is simply missing in the Library Path of your Project Options.