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Just use this line of code:

The thumbnails are generated through the same Windows API function that the Windows Explorer uses, and so the ShellBrowser components will show similar thumbnails like the Windows Explorer.

To provide thumbnails for a certain file format that Windows does not support out of the box, it is best to register a thumbnail provider in the system.

Another option is to use the OnThumbnailUpdated event of the TJamShellList control, which allows you to change the generated thumbnail.

allows you to set one application-wide thumbnail provider that is called if the system does not supply one.

This is usually a handled exception, which is only shown in the IDE and not outside the IDE. You can disable messages for handled exceptions in the Delphi menu under "Tools | Debugger Options" on the tab "Language Exceptions" by unchecking the option "Stop on Delphi Exceptions".

Yes, you can control this behaviour using the ShowContextMenuOnTop property of the visual shell controls.

Use the "InvokeCommand" method of a class supporting the ICommandInvokable interface.

To copy a single file see ItemIdList.InvokeCommand.

For a list of files use the ItemIdListCollection instead.