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Update and migrate old version to a new server

Question / Problem

How can I switch from an old Exchange Server Toolbox version to the latest one with a simultaneous server change?

Answer / Solution

It is highly recommended to update the version on the old server first.
This will update the settings and the email archive as well.

For an update from a version older than 5.8.2, it is recommended to perform the update in two steps:

  1. Install the update to version 5.8.2. You can download the setup in your customer area
  2. Install the update to the latest version

Important: If you are using the mail archive, you must then ensure that the archive migration to the latest version is complete before performing any further steps.
If the migration is still in progress, this will be indicated in the configuration interface under "Overview".

You can then install the latest version on the new server and migrate the settings and archive as described below:


If it is not possible to update the old version on the old server first due to technical limitations, you can also proceed as follows:

Install the same version that is installed on the old server on the new server. Then you can migrate the settings and archive to the new server as described here:

Now you can update to the latest version directly on the new server.
For security reasons, please proceed in two steps as described above if you are using a version older than 5.8.2.