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Using UltraSearch without admin rights

Question / Problem

Can UltraSearch be started without admin rights?

Answer / Solution

Yes. There are different ways to start UltraSearch without admin rights:

  • Start UltraSearch once with admin rights and deactivate the setting under "Options" -> "Application" -> "Always start as administrator".
  • Start UltraSearch with the command line parameter /NOADMIN:
    Ultrasearch.exe /noadmin
  • Open the 'Settings.xml' file under "%AppData%\JAM Software\UltraSearch" in a text editor (for the portable version, the file is located directly in the UltraSearch folder) and set the value <AlwaysStartAsAdministrator> to "False".

Please note that without admin rights the program will no longer have access to the MFT and the search may be slower as a result.