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Import settings in the command line

Question / Problem

Is it possible to execute preconfigured import settings from the command line?

Answer / Solution

Yes, there are two ways to use preconfigured import settings with SEPA-Transfer:

1. The command line call "-Command Import -[SEPA|FILE|DTA|DB] <File path>" use the last used import settings for files to be imported, depending on the file path.

For more information, please refer to the "Quick Import" section in the "Import Wizard" subchapter of the "Importing Data" chapter in the manual

2. with the command line call "-Command Import -ImportSettings <File path>" you can reuse an import setting configured via the GUI.

In order to create such an import setting, you must first import the desired file using the graphical interface, but on the last page of the import wizard, instead of closing the dialog, press the key combination Ctrl+S. This opens a dialog to save an import setting to an XML file.

For more information, please refer to the manual under the keyword "Advanced: Save import settings for command line import" in the "Import Wizard" subchapter in the "Importing Data" chapter, as well as in the "Command Line Parameters" subchapter in the "Command Line" chapter.