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Configure SmartCallMonitor for Fritz!Box Monitoring

Question / Problem

How can I configure SmartCallMonitor for my Fritz!Box?

Answer / Solution

Hint: If you want to start and receive calls in the software, refer to the following article instead: https://knowledgebase.jam-software.de/7519

If you want to use call monitoring with a Fritz!Box, follow these steps:

  • Make sure that SmartCallMonitor can communicate with the device. On a telephone, which is connected to the Fritz!Box, dial the character string "#96*5*" (without quotation marks). This opens port 1012 on the device and enables applications to read from it. If you want to close the port again, you can use "#96*4*".
  • Configure the Fritz!Box in the Fritz!Box dashboard.
    • Enable the setting "Home Network->Home Network Overview->Allow access for applications".
    • Disable setting "Additionally confirm execution of certain settings and functions" in "System->Fritz!Box-Users->Login".
    • In the Fritz!Box settings make sure, that in "System->Fritz!Box-Users" the user rights are set correctly for the user that SmartCallMonitor will use to log on to the Fritz!Box. To ensure complete functionality, the following settings must be enabled for the user:
      • Enable access from the internet
      • Fritz!Box Settings
      • Voice Messages, Fax Messages, Fritz!App Fon and Call Log
      • Smart Home
  • Start SmartCallMonitor.
  • Enter the network address of the device in "Tools->Settings->Telephony->AVM Fritz!Box".
    • Hint: For the most configurations it suffices to enter "fritz.box" in the "Server" field. Otherwise you can find the IP address in the Fritz!Box user interface in "Home Network->Network".
  • Enter user name and password of a Fritz!Box user profile, that has the user rights mentioned in step 2.
  • Configure lines in SmartCallMonitor.
    • Use the button "Configure Lines...". A dialog appears where you can map the phone devices to their outgoing phone numbers.
    • This mapping must be done exactly as it is configured in the Fritz!Box menu in "Telephony->Telephony Devices".
    • There you will find all the devices with their outgoing phone number.
    • If there is no outgoing number shown for a device, the Fritz!Box automatically uses the outgoing number for this device, that is configured in the "Telephony->Phone Numbers->Outgoing Number" menu.
    • Hint: This step only is necessary, if you want to start calls directly from SmartCallMonitor.
  • If you have configured the lines as described in step 6 and applied the configuration, you can select the default outgoing line in the SmartCallMonitor settings dialog. This line will be selected automatically on each application startup.
  • On confirming the settings a connection is established with the device.