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Size-filter for 'Duplicate Files'

Question / Problem

How can I set a size-filter for the 'Duplicate Files'?

Answer / Solution

Unfortunately it is not possible to set a size-filter for the 'Duplicate Files' via the Web Access. But since V2.4 you can add a size-filter to the Web Access via an detour. You need to make your preferred settings in the SpaceObServer and copy them to the Web Access via the following steps:

  1. Open the SpaceObServer and navigate to Options > Duplicates.
  2. In the field 'Minimum Size' you can define a filter. After that, apply the settings.
  3. Copy the File 'GlobalOptions.config' from the path "%AppData%/JAM Software/SpaceObServer/" to the subfolder "/bin" of the installation folder of the Web Access. This is the path "C:/Program Files/JAM Software/SpaceObServer Web Access/bin" - by default. In this path, please overwrite the file "GlobalOptions.config"
  4. Restart the web site SpaceobServer WebAccess via the IIS-Manager (inetmgr).
  5. Start the Web Access in the browser and login. In the tab 'Distributions', the added intervals should be visible now.