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Migrate installation

Question / Problem

How do I move an existing installation to a new computer? How can I install SEPA-Transfer on a new computer?

Answer / Solution

First make sure that you have the installation file of the SEPA-Transfer full version and your personal license key. Both are available within your maintenance time in our customer area.

If possible, the same version should be installed on both systems. Use "Help > Check for Updates" to install the latest version.

On the old computer, export the database under "File" to a network drive or USB stick. On the new computer, install SEPA Transfer, and when asked if you want to use an existing database, select the previously exported file.

An exported database can also be restored at any time in the "File" menu.

You can also install our demo version on the new system and put it into operation with the above steps, but after 30 days you must install the full version over it.