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How good is the performance of my system

Question / Problem

HeavyLoad tests do not show a result on how well my system performs.

Answer / Solution

The purpose of HeavyLoad is to put your system under stress to analyze its behaviour and to determine if it runs stable at this utilization. 
HeavyLoad is not a benchmarking tool and will not evaluate on how well a system performs in comparison to similar setups.

Please also keep in mind that stress testing a system can always lead to crashes and bluescreens and because of that, important data should be saved before running the tests. 

A few hints on telling if a test was successful:

  • You should run a test at least for one hour. Usually new issues won't be found if the system is running stable under the test for more than 5 hours.
  • If the machine does not show any bad symtpoms the load test was successful.
  • If not successful, the machine might crash or show a blue screen of death.