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Show Collective transfer indvidually

Question / Problem

Is there a way to show collective transfers and collective direct debits individually on the account statement?

Answer / Solution

Yes, this option is available in the Enterprise Edition of SEPA Transfer.

Unfortunately, the Small Business Edition does not offer this function.

When sending bookings to the bank, there is a checkbox in the SEPA Transfer dialog "List bookings on the account statement individually". If this is selected, an indicator called "Batch booking" is written to the SEPA file, which instructs the bank to show all of the collector's bookings individually on the account statement.

However, some banks ignore this flag. The only workaround is to send all bookings individually. Please note that this may incur higher booking costs than for a collector and that you will need a TAN for each booking.

SEPA-Trafser supports you in this if you set the option "Maximum number of postings for SEPA export" at the bottom of the "Advanced" page of the settings dialog to "1". This option is also only available in the Enterprise Edition.

Owners of the Small Business Edition can purchase an upgrade to the Enterprise Edition at a reduced price in our customer area.