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Question / Problem

After using the portable version of TreeSize Free, the Explorer's context menu includes entries to scan folders and drives with TreeSize Free.

Why is there any reason for context menu entries with a portable app and how can I remove these entries?

Answer / Solution

The option to integrate with the Explorer's context menu is deactivated for the portable version and TreeSize Free would thus not create any entry.

If you want to use a portable version of TreeSize Free and still create context menu entries, you may use the default installed version of TreeSize Free and create an empty file named 'GlobalOptions.xml' in the installation folder. The program folder created this way can be copied and used just like the portable version.

Please be aware that the context menu entries created this way are not being updated or removed if the program folder changes. Such context menu entries may thus become orphaned and should be removed beforehand.

The easiest way to remove the entries again is to deactivate the option on the 'Options' tab.