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Question / Problem

With TreeSize Free V4.1, a new type of hints has been introduced: the folder content preview. Is there a way to disable this popup window and show the old fashioned hint instead?

Answer / Solution

Yes, there is:

On the 'Options' tab, click and expand the 'Options' drop down. The first entry of the now shown list ('Tooltips') allows you to chose between the available hint types:

- Only for cut off labels: Only shows a hint, if the content of a cell had to be cropped
- Show Long Tooltips: Shows a hint containing detailed information on an element
- Show a preview of the current folder's content: Shows a preview window on the current folder

With V4.1.1, the default option for the tooltips has been adjusted, so the folder content preview has to be activated manually.
The 'Tooltips' option has been moved to the 'Options' tab also, so it may be accessed more easily.